A Quick Blog Post About my Blog Posts


Ok, I get it! My posts are too long.

Here’s the thing. In my writing, I’m trying to expose my thinking about some really difficult, technical topics. I’m also trying to weave these topics into broader social theories about the world, that are really hard to explain. And I’m trying to do all of that in a way that’s still accessible, entertaining, and (dare I hope?) funny.

I will try to be more concise, I promise. But I don’t really see my posts getting a hell of a lot shorter any time soon.

In the meantime, I thought it might be a good idea to have at least one meta-post that lays out my intentions with this project so those of you following along know what you’re in for.

Here’s a starter list of the things I’m all about right now. I reserve the right to change this all the dang time.

  1. Pragmatic Pacifism

  2. Explicit Technical Consent

  3. Right to Privacy

  4. Self Determination

  5. Reform Through Legislation

  6. Reform Through Organization

Tl;dr, let’s do nonviolent things over violent ones, whenever we can. Let’s use consent as a dowsing rod to judge whether an action/product/company is ethical. If you’re violating someone’s privacy without their active consent, it’s probably unethical. And if someone’s doing something unethical, we should use elections, congress, the courts, and unions to get them to stop.

Oh, and I f*cking hate Donald Trump.

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