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NBC News, How Does Facial Recognition Work?

A mixed reality explainer of the technical workings of facial recognition, and how it connects to government oppression.


CNN Prime Time Weekend with Ana Cabrera Interview

We talked about Face App and the threat to national security posed by shady mobile apps and a complete absence of US privacy regulation. I don’t have a link to this video, sorry!

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BBC World News, Business Matters Interview

Why do tech workers have such strong opinions about facial recognition? Segment begins at 26:42.

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FAQNYC Podcast Interview

Albert Fox Cahn, ED of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project and I talked about surveillance and the NYPD, the POST Act, and the ways commercial technology is influencing criminal justice today.

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ACLU Blog Post

I Quit My Job… because of killer robots. And here’s a detailed explanation on why I’m working to make sure the global community bans them, before it’s too late.

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NBC Think Opinion

A lot of people ask me what my response is to the threat of Russian and Chinese rivalry. This piece for NBC Think is my reply.