I, For One… (welcome our robot overlords) is a new project by technologist Liz O’Sullivan that will confront the hard questions faced by humans living in an increasingly connected world.

In early 2019, Liz quit her job (quite spectacularly) at a computer vision AI startup over her conscientious objection to Project Maven and the development of autonomous weapons. Since then, she has been featured in The New York Times (twice!), NPR, BBC World, has appeared on CNN Prime Time Weekend with Ana Cabrera, and has written for the ACLU blog.

Liz has been working in the AI space since 2012, as an integrations project leader and head of labeling services. She is a member of ICRAC, (International Committee for Robot Arms Control) and acts as Technology Director for STOP (the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project). She is also working on a Responsible AI startup whose founding team she joined this April. They are aiming to emerge from stealth later this year.